The Secret Weapon That's Driven Millions In Additional Revenue

Everything you need to run your business in a single package no matter how big or small your business is

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Tired Of Confusing Fluff & Gimmicks That Ruin Productivity?

RestoreUnited Is The Solution!

Having to use multiple pieces of software and systems to handle different aspects of your business such as job scheduling, budgeting, emails, invoicing, and work orders is a huge waste of time and money. What if you can have everything in one place? Not only that but something that anyone in the company, from the manager to sub-contractors, can use with ease?

Look no further! RestoreUnited is designed by the fastest-growing restoration companies in the country and it includes everything you need to run your business in one easy-to-use software.

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    One login that accesses every tool you need to run your company and even includes plugins from other popular softwares like QuickBooks

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    A modern, mobile app that your staff and clients can all use to stay in touch with each other throughout the process

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    An easy and intuitive system that office managers and technicians can use with no training

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    A fully integrated system that makes duplicate data entry a thing of the past

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    Integrated best practices to streamline your business and improve your profitability no matter the size of your business

RestoreUnited combines everything into one software!


Job Site Communication


Document Signing


Billing & Invoicing


Journals & Photography


Work Orders



Impressive ROI & savings by switching to RestoreUnited

Case Study: Impact Disaster Services

Impact Disaster Services (IDS), a restoration company located in York, PA faced the ongoing challenge of administrative costs and cumbersome software that created extensive paperwork. This meant that more time was spent on administrative tasks, and employees working in the field found it challenging to juggle the multiple levels of paperwork involved in the process.

In response, IDS invested in RestoreUnited software to help streamline the administrative aspect of their business. This enhanced efficiency, increased productivity, and led to cost savings that were at least five times what the company was paying for the program.

Prior to RestoreUnited, IDS staff was accustomed to using multiple apps and programs to access information, so finding everything in one software really simplified the processes.

Running A Restoration Company Is Hard;

Your Management System Shouldn't Be


40% Savings in Labor Costs


50% Savings in Software Costs


30% Increase in Sales

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